We experience our surroundings through impressions from our senses and movements, and it is through these that we relate to the world.

In each project and commissioned work we develop, we find inspiration from Genius Loci—a ‘Sense of Place’and are fascinated with how a subtle change in a surface can transform the atmosphere in a space.

As spatial practitioners, our aim is to orchestrate the balance between the proportions of the space, the light conditions and the remaining interior.

Below you will find a selection of our recent projects and commissioned work.


Atelier Plateau x Karimoku Case Study


Photography: Tomooki Kengaku and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Interior Design: Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design

Interior Stylist: Yumi Nakata

Merging Scandinavian design tradition and Japanese craftsmanship, we have teamed up with Japan’s largest wooden furniture manufacturer Karimoku Furniture to design a series of wooden wall sculptures in collaboration with Karimoku Case Study.

This collaboration is a study of the Karimoku Case Study furniture collection and engages our senses in a series of limited edition subtle art pieces designed by Atelier Plateau and produced by Karimoku Case Study.

The subtle qualities of the wall sculptures are an integral component of our work. Made from oak assembled with fine furniture joints, the art pieces are highly sensory to the viewer—inspired by the materials and finishes of the Karimoku Case Study Collection. In this way, our aim is to highlight the connection between the plateaus and the Karimoku Case Study Collection, and encourage observation of the passing of time as the viewer is invited to watch volumes of shadows grow as light moves across the curved surfaces.

The first wooden wall sculpture was introduced in the Hiroo Residence, Japan, designed by Keiji Ashizawa Design.

At Milan Design Fair 2023, two wall sculptures were added to the series in two different locations — designed by Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design:

Karimoku Commons Pop Up Showroom in ASSAB ONE and Karimoku Case Study Exhibition at Rho Fiera.


Atelier Plateau x Adidas x Asphaltgold


Read the full interview on the Asphaltgold Blog.

For Adidas and Asphaltgold we have created a very special artwork, inspired by the progressive design of the adidas NMD S1 silhouette.

When we received the invitation from Asphaltgold and Slektion to create a bespoke sculpture for the Adidas NMD S1 sneaker, we knew immediately that we wanted to take part in this project. Both the opportunity to inspire for an active living, and to interpret a sneaker that represents the pinnacle expression of Adidas’ craft into a sculpture, has brought both inspiration and joy.


Liewood Headquarters


Location: Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen

Interior Design: Norm Architects

Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

For the new Liewood Headquarters in Copenhagen, designed by Norm Architects, we have delivered a range of wall reliefs.⁠

“Integrating thoughtful artworks has been a vital part of creating a stimulating atmosphere.” — Norm Architects.⁠

The Headquarters invites you into a warm universe of light tones and textured natural materials. And by adding a monochrome, yet rich, colour and material palette the building’s five floors form the framework for an inspiring work environment filled with life, changeability, and community.⁠

15 bespoke art pieces:

Beyond The Surface

Collaboration with The Audo and St. Leo

Location: The Audo in Copenhagen, Denmark

Interior Design: Norm Architects

Photography: Værnis Studio

In this limited-edition series of 15 subtle wall reliefs presented by The Audo, our aim was to explore modernist form and colour.

‘Beyond The Surface’ was developed exclusively for The Audo and inspired by their interior design concept, Tomorrow’s House, which draws upon Modernism, minimal abstraction and timeless Scandinavian aesthetics.

As a boutique, hotel residence, restaurant, café, concept store, material library, work and event space, The Audo unites design, work-life, hospitality and community in one.

Approaching the project with great respect for the former merchant’s building, we carefully studied the existing materials, colours and details of the house to let the surroundings and decor inform each other. Our reliefs are in dialogue with the rooms they occupy as they change expression during the day, depending how the light hits each unique, three-dimensional composition.

Each relief bears a unique composition, depth, dimension, and textural expression. The colours for this project were mixed by St. Leo from organic, powder pigments, including several tailor-made especially for the collection to ensure complete synergy with The Audo’s new interiors palette.


Nobu Hotel Santorini


Location: Santorini

Art Curation: Stones & Walls

Photography: PION Studio

The luxury hotel Nobu offers 25 stunning accommodations—all with breathtaking views of the Caldera and the Aegean Sea.

Designed in traditional whitewashed Cycladic style, our wall reliefs are part of the beautiful suites in soft sandy hues making a reference to the stunning surrounding landscape.

3 bespoke art pieces:

Plateaus of Nature


Location: Private Residence in Whistler, Canada

Interior Design: Openspace Architecture

Photography: Russell Dalby

For this home—perched in the mountains of Whistler—we were asked to develop three bespoke art pieces to be mounted on a white oak veneer wood paneling in the Stair Hall of the house. 

Our vision was to make a visual connection to the expansive views to the surrounding landscape by creating an organic movement and working with a soft expression inspired by the surrounding thick blanket of snow during winter.

Wall relief:

Plateau 01:19 PM

Location: One Prospect Park West in NY, United States

Interior Design: Workstead

Photography: Evan Joseph

Workstead reimagined this historic building into 64 residences which overlook Prospect Park, Grand Army Plaza and Manhattan’s skyline in the distance. Preserving the history and original pre-war details of the building was paramount.

Traditional forms and details are reinterpreted through a modern lens to create grande spaces that remain classic, while still meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of today’s family. 

For this project, our ‘Plateau 01:19 PM’ is part of the main lobby, which is both grand and intimate—reflecting the character of neighboring Prospect Park, with elemental materials, such as bronze details, limestone flooring, stone thresholds, and plaster walls. This formality playfully contrasts with the heart of the building that has been designed for the casual lifestyle of today and intended to foster a sense of community.


Fragments of Figures

Collaboration with The Audo and St. Leo

Location: The Audo in Copenhagen, Denmark

Interior Design: Norm Architects

Photography: Værnis Studio & Atelier Plateau

In ‘Fragments of Figures’, the human form is explored through subtle 3-dimensional, abstracted shapes and the viewer is invited to watch lines shift and volumes of shadows grow as light moves across the undulating surfaces. In this way, we aim to highlight the connection between the works and their spatial context, encouraging the observation of subtle environmental evolutions and of time passing.

Each of the three unique pieces in ‘Fragments of Figures’ are in themselves fragments of a triptych; they can be displayed on the wall in different positions to create a variety of motifs interconnected through each piece’s intricate linework and curvilinear compositions. This feature offers flexibility, allowing the works to adapt to varying interior environments or to be rearranged into different narratives and introduce new visual interest.

‘Fragments of Figures’ was made from finely crushed stone and liquid colour pigments from St. Leo. The colours were chosen for their natural profiles and to harmonize with The Audo’s interior design, to complement rather than overshadow the space.

Wall reliefs for

Modern Perspectives

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Interior Design: Pernille Vest

Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

A selection of our ‘Beyond The Surface’ pieces is part a small and intimate loft apartment by DUX.

Decorated with curated furniture, personal objects and collecting pieces the apartment provides a welcoming setting with the centrepieces of our everyday lives.

Wall relief for

Ark Journal’s Case Study: Natural Order

Location: Denmark

Interior Design: Pernille Vest, Assistant: Henriette Schou

Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt

The relationship between art, architecture and design and the natural world is a central theme of Ark Journal’s Volume 5. Our piece ‘Beyond The Surface 02:25 PM’ is on the cover and part of the magazine’s Case Study “Natural Order”—a case study immersed in “Handcrafted and tactile, raw materials. Calm forms. Contemplative, still, reflective”.