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Dimensions: 48 x 68 x 3,9 cm


A play with light and shadow

With explorations into light and shadow, we encourage the observer to spend time in the space to experience the changing expressions of this wall relief as the time and conditions in the space change.


In this relief, we have combined a clear and refined aesthetic with this burgundy shade. This wall relief is also available in a light grey shade and in a light earth hue. We cannot guarantee that colours in the website are fully equivalent to the relief’s actual colours. This depends partly on the colour settings of your computer or other device. Also each relief is unique and variations in the surface structure and edges might occur.


Constructed from wood and hand-painted with eco-friendly plaster. Each relief is unique, and the texture will therefore vary.

Do not place the relief outside, close to fire, close to heat (e.g. close to a heater), close to water or in any humid environment, as the relief responds to touch, sunlight, humidity and temperature.


This relief is in a limited edition of 80, stamped and numbered by Atelier Plateau. When the limited edition works are sold out, they will not be made in new editions.

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