Collect 01:00 PM + 02:00 PM


800 € incl. VAT   |   640 € ex. VAT

Edition: Limited edition of 100
Dimensions: 71,5 x 44 x 4 cm


Tablescape — Elevating Every Table Setting

Comprising six wooden plateaus, ’Collect 01:00 PM + 02:00 PM’ transitions between a sculpture and an object, offering the flexibility to stand as a united piece or function in small clusters or as separate displays. This versatility suits various narratives and contributes to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Made of oak, our goal is to infuse nature into any space. Beyond its visual appeal, ’Collect’ is designed for tactile exploration. Over time, it responds to changing light conditions, providing a dynamic visual experience.

Whether used as a standalone statement or as a display for your favorites, we aim to blur the lines between sculpture and functional design, offering a versatile expression that adapts to your needs.

’Collect 01:00 PM + 02:00 PM’ is made to connect — to nature, touch, time, place, and purpose. With its flexible use and sensory appeal, the piece invites you to experience the beauty of oak in a sculptural form.


Each plateau is carved from solid oak to showcase its unique natural grain and texture. Each plateau is unique, and the texture will therefore vary. The oak is treated with an oil approved for food contact compliance.


This sculpture is part of a limited edition of 100. Once these editions are sold out, there will be no additional production. Additionally, the sculpture is available as two separate parts, titled ’Collect 01:00 PM’ and ’Collect 02:00 PM’, both contributing to the overall limited edition of 100 sculptures.


Lead time is approx. 2–3 weeks.

Care instructions are included in English.

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