Introducing Anne Ejlsmark Berthelsen and Mikkel Johnsen — the Danish architect couple behind Atelier Plateau.

Based in Copenhagen, we draw inspiration from Scandinavian design heritage and craftsmanship with a focus on natural materials, timeless aesthetics and simplicity—striving to bring this into the development of our reliefs.

With explorations into light and shadow, we encourage the observer to spend time in the space to experience the changing expressions of each wall relief as the time and conditions in the space change.

In a time where our living and sensing is dominated by digital realms, our wall reliefs reintroduce a thousand-year-old tradition rooted in the physical sensing of our inhabited surroundings. Reliefs with motifs, patterns and tales are a well-known and cherished tradition around the world. 

In the construction of each relief, we work with monochrome plateaus in various depths to create different light and shadow conditions. We always aim to add atmosphere to a space without demanding excessive attention, and instead find ways to go into dialogue with the space itself.

With our professional background in architecture and spatial design, we perceive our wall reliefs as a natural continuation of our architectural work.

We explore and challenge the experience and perception of our surroundings through our wall reliefs—as it is equally about the space as it is about form. These observations are anchored in how we experience surfaces, light, and the elements around us.

Our atelier is a space where we explore the different phases of our process. Immersed in form experiments, colours and material samples, the space also serves as an archive of our different wall reliefs, as they are placed on all the walls around us.

Our creative methodology is always anchored in a visual atlas of atmospheres, colours, materials, textures and moments to create a point of departure for our ‘inspiration’ phase. Continuing into our ‘composing’ phase, we experiment with form with a focus on the interplay between light and shadow. From here we develop our art pieces further in the ‘detailing’ phase, where our process goes beyond the form alone to deeper explorations into colours and textures. 

Throughout each phase we always strive to balance the impression and the expression in a subtle manner.